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considerations for an open plan space

If you are dealing with an open plan dining space, the ideas above can certainly still apply. By keeping things light you may be blending the space into the rest of the entire open space, which might include the lounge and kitchen, and perhaps even the outdoors. By painting or decorating your open dining room a darker colour, however, you can for sure create a more intimate ambiance that is traditionally conducive to dining. Large rugs can do the same and visually define the dining room in open plan homes. Just be sure the rug is proportionally big enough that it fits the table and chairs completely, even when the chairs are pushed back for someone to sit down and the chairs legs don't bunch up the rug and become a trip hazard when pulled back in!

Installing some storage near to the dining space to keep items like placemats, cutlery and candle sticks hidden away until use keeps the often calming effect of open plan spaces in tact and clutter-free. Again stand alone buffets can work, as to can buffets with a hutch, floor to ceiling built ins or a bench-height custom storage unit that stretches from the kitchen and connects the dinning room, providing storage and display space in one sleek statement.

Anything goes, but do remember to always step back to the entrance of the entire open plan space to ensure the style of the space is cohesive and that the eye isn't drawn to the dinning area for all the wrong reasons. If in doubt, take one thing away and look again. Keep going until it feels just right. 


Focal points

An issue that is important no matter what space you have is the focal point if the room. Many people mistakenly think this is the table, however, it's important to create interest in other areas of the room that can be observed when guests are seated. With this in mind, wood fires are attractive and can work well, as guests can watch the dancing flames if positioned right. Alternatively, a large pendant lamp or collection of lights hung over the table can provide additional interest and break the space up in a pleasing fashion. Art, mirrors and rugs, as mentioned, can also act as beautiful space-defining and stylish focal points. And unless your style is maximalist or eclectic, stick to one main focal point or two to ground a very open area. Otherwise you and your dinner guests will be exhausted before dinner's even begun! 


Not literally of course! However, having a special space big enough and comfortable to fit everyone around for special occasions or regular weekly get together's is most home lovers' dream. But, too few homes are properly utilising the space they have to get everyone sat around a table, and experiencing good food, good wine, and good convos with good people. And isn't that what some of life's best memories are made of?!

With that in mind, check out our simple guide below to create the perfect dining space, whether you have a separate room or an open plan setup:


considerations for a separate room

If you are lucky enough to have a separate room in your house for dining, consider how you will decorate it. Much like a powder room, it's separateness does allow for fun with colour and decor so this gets me very excited! Because it's an enclosed space, you may like to keep colourings of paint and furnishings light and bright, with mirrors and metallics to dramatise the spaciousness. Or at the other end of the scale, completely embrace its intimacy and opt for darker jewel-tones in paint or wallpaper and black or burgundy timbers. Can't decide? Wainscot to chair height and go for a navy grass-cloth to the ceiling, or paint a feature wall behind a buffet with a giant mirror or dramatic piece of art. 

It's also a good idea to think about how you will get the food and other items from the kitchen into the room as quickly as safely as possible. Some homes will install a kitchen hatch which is basically a pass-through for dishes of food without having to walk around to the kitchen. Or, opt for  a stylish buffet in keeping with your style and use wood, marble or metallic trays and stands to keep the middle of the dining table free for drinks and some decoration. 

Pinterest is your bestie, and you guys know me, as long as you love it, anything goes!


The dining table

Last, but definitely not least, the table and chairs that you pick are essential to the look and comfort of the dining room. Luckily, there are many options to choose from. Pick something modern and linear, even transparent, or with benches if you are going for a clean, minimalist feel. Alternatively, more ornate fabric chairs with hardware detailing paired with a wooden table can provide a more luxe and layered look. Although this, too, can still be kept up to date by rocking a more eclectic feel and using odd chairs in a similar style rather than having everything match exactly. A great cheat if you are slowly transitioning the furniture in your home from uni house to #adulting and stylish. 

What else is in your dining room to die for?
Drop your lust list below and let me know.





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