Creating A More Secure Home in More Ways Than One

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Many people are in search of a feeling of security, when it comes to their house. We all want to feel like our home is our castle, like an impenetrable fortress, yet often we leave our homes very vulnerable to theft, danger or decay.

It’s imperative we protect our homes, yet this doesn’t merely extend to the physical security of our property - there are other aspects to consider, such as protection against accidental fire damage or the risk of data loss; particularly worthwhile considering if you have a business and/or work from home.

It’s also a feeling, and as such, it’s something we must generate. Psychologically, we associate certain things with certain feelingsYou may have certain triggers, for instance if you grew up with a dog as a child, then the feeling of home and security for you might be linked with having a dog run up to you at the end of each day immediately bringing you comfort and puts you at ease. If you have lived somewhere for a long period of time with a blue door then you may associate this particular blue door with a feeling of home.  

Similarly, the external effects the internal and trends such as Hygge now validate theories that we have known intuitively for a long time, such as 'a cluttered home equals a cluttered mind.' And in some ways, security can appear to be an illusion, as at the end of the day if someone really wants to break into your property they will find a way - but the measures you take all contribute to the overall feeling of security, safety, comfort and relaxation. Here's some of those practical ways to get it:

"He is happiest, be he king or peasant, who finds peace in his home."
- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe



The traditional locks and bolts associated with most homes are still as important today as they were centuries ago. Whilst some of the more electronically focused systems can be hacked, and operated by hackers looking to gain access into your property, the traditional lock and key is much harder to penetrate unless you happen to have great lock picking skills.

Whether building new, moving house, or doing a spring clean of the home you've lived in for years, be sure to do an external window and door lock check, including those of garages, sheds and basement access points. Ensure external doors are in fact the external safety type (read: solid, so as not to be easily kicked in) and replace rusted or faulty hinges, locks and bolts that could crumble or give way under some force. You may even consider adding more locks if needed or changing the type of glass or screens.

And it doesn’t have to be just about security against human intruders - it can be protecting yourself from insect or wildlife intruders that could cause you and your family harm.  In this vein you might want to check out as they have some innovative fly screens that act as a force field to prevent creepy crawlies from penetrating your home.

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It might seem strange to to consider it a safety threat, but a clutter free home is less inviting to criminals. Similar to car theft, it tends to be the cluttered homes with possessions on display in windows, patios, open garages or yards that get broken into the most.  In addition, if you want to create a feeling of home within your house having a sense of order and serenity can be the best way to achieve this - so be sure to declutter your environment regularly. And be mindful that possessions left outside the home, even as you're renovating, moving in, or tinkering in the garage can catch the eye of crooked opportunists who may be lapping or visiting your neighbourhood.



Having a high fence around your property is helpful for two reasons, first it shields your property from prying eyes that are looking to assess what valuables you might have in your home, and secondly, it makes it harder for people to access the more internal areas of your outdoor space.

The challenge, however, is that some people get a little over the top when it comes to security, making their fences a hazard to their neighbours. This not only detracts from the warm feeling of home, but also, to a criminal does it suggest you might have something worth stealing behind there? The most common travel advice for those with expensive camera equipment is, after all,to keep it in plain looking bags that aren’t padlocked with loads of security features, as it suggests what’s inside is important.

Enjoy added privacy with a (legally) high fence, check gates have code or lock and key access, and imbue a sense of quiet calm and safety with tasteful painting and plantings surrounding your property. And consider outdoor lighting, sensor lights and exterior alarms as part of your finished fencing safety measures. 


Be smart with safety measures and try to think like a thief might while planning your measures. Then get them done in a timely manner, as putting them off for later is an all-too-common story of those who've just been burgled. The same goes for updating your insurances, repairing hazards around the home and teaching your children to avoid and report them to you.
How have you created a comfortable and secure home both physically and emotionally?
Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. December 20, 2018 / 05:56

    Your home is where you felt more secure, I always believe in that. But keeping it tidy with all the kids around is probably what’s making my wife stressful these days not to mention we just moved to a bigger house. Now she has a lot on her plate, I think I’m going to get a maid.

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