Decor Mistakes to Avoid in the Bedroom For Better Sleep

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Lack of sleep is a real problem and there are many things that can negatively impact a healthy sleep routine. The design of your bedroom, as well as the gadgets in there can stop you from having the most optimal sleep, leaving you feeling lacklustre and lethargic. Below you’ll find decor mistakes that most homeowners are making in their bedrooms, and how to fix them to sleep like a baby...or a log, whatever.


The Atmosphere

Having a relaxing atmosphere in the bedroom is imperative for the zen association vibes for better sleep. You can create relaxation by using softer textures for cosiness, dimming the lights to create a more peaceful place to unwind, and by using aromatherapy and candles. (Just don’t sleep while you’re burning candles in your room!) Aim to unwind in your bedroom by making the furnishings and atmosphere all about those zzz's. What makes you feel the most peaceful?

"When you go all over the world for work, your dream vacation is your bedroom." 
- Jack Antonoff


The Temperature

Ideally, the perfect temperature for optimal sleepiness should be between 15-19 degrees Celsius (60-67 degrees Fahrenheit). Too hot and you sweat and fret, too cold and you can't relax at all! Consider installing air conditioning if you live in a warm climate, or get a new boiler/heater/radiators if you live in a cooler climate to adjust the temperature to suit. You can also improve the temperature of a room by adding more or less blankets, installing double glazing on windows and blocking draughts.



Painting your bedroom a bold colour might seem like a good idea at the time, until you're finding yourself wide awake when you should be nodding off! Colours like red, for example, aren't recommended for a bedroom as they are too full of energy. Blue, green, and neutral colours make for a 'quieter' space and can help enhance a dreamy quality of sleep. Brightness of light bulbs can also make a big difference so opt for bulbs that emit a warmer light, or even the moody light of himalayan salt lamps can help you to get a much better sleep.



Any electronics in your bedroom can be very bad for your sleeping pattern as even a tiny amount of light emitted from these gadgets can disrupt your circadian rhythms. Same goes for lying in bed on your phone before falling asleep, so it’s best to avoid having electronics in your bedroom at all. Go for an old school alarm clock if you absolutely need one to wake up, and swap scrolling for reading or partner time for at least 30 minutes before sleep. Similarly, a TV in the bedroom can soon create associations of being alert rather than relaxed and restful. 


The Bed

Finding the right bed is a must - we spend so much time in one no-one needs much convincing of that! Perhaps you need a mattress that is more or less firm, higher, lower, with a bedhead or without, adjustable, king, queen or anything in between. Everybody has different needs so get thee to a mattress store and test out the plethora of options if you’re not currently sleeping well or not sure what you really like. Then, all you need to do is ensure you have comfortable season appropriate bedding including underlay, sheets, blankets, duvet and pillows so you can sleep soundly all night long.

dream bedroom mistakes avoid decor home interiors blog


Your goal is to have a bedroom that’s as comfortable, clean and dark as possible where you can do nothing
but unwind and prepare for a night of quality sleep. Sweet dreams!

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