Designing the Dream Home Gym

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Working out and staying healthy is perhaps one of the best known ways to move oneself out of a seasonal or personal slump, and can enliven the life of anyone who decides to practice it. Getting your butt to a gym, Pilates studio or other fitness establishment is one thing, but having a customised home gym at your fingertips might be even better - convenient, designed to be a space you actually enjoy being in...and probably way less stinky. 

Getting started in the gym can be hard, but what fitness gives your life is longevity, health, a good mood, the ability to ward off many diseases and ailments, and a general optimistic perspective. If you’ve had a winning workout in the morning, you’ve managed to push through a personal best lift, or stretched out and breathed deep, that big scary meeting at work later feels far less intense than it might have been otherwise. It’s a strange attitude shift that occurs and one that feels fantastic!


So to keep the feeling alive working out at home can be one of the best ways to stay consistent, avoid greater procrastination and build your confidence with equipment without waiting in lines. So no matter if you have a custom built space, a den, basement, garage, or even a spare bedroom, here's some suggestions for making it the dream home gym for you.



Safety should be absolutely everything when you’re considering how to build your home gym. Don’t cheap out because while you might not need the very latest in gym equipment, you NEED safe gym equipment. This means refusing to buy bent barbells or crafting your own power rack. Even with high engineering expertise, this is unwise. You don’t want to find out your creation is lacking when you’re trying to lift a barbell above your chest. Safety first, no matter what. Research your components. Research what to look for.


Floor Space

In a room with plenty of equipment, plenty of trip hazards and fire hazards exist. Economizing the space might mean placing items in certain directions, or trying to find better means of directing the walking and lifting space around these items. You don’t want to trip with dumbbells in your hand, or holding a kettle bell above your head. The flooring itself should be considered no matter the type of exercises you or your family are performing. There are some great rubber foam tiles and rolls to suit any decor and are easily installed. But so too should the floor foundation construction itself be considered in order to handle the weight of heavy equipment. Using a professional fitness fitouts service can help you design this space effectively, perfect for the home gym user or the personal trainer hoping to make their home space their place of business.

designing dream home gym fitness yoga space interiors blog steam room


designing dream home gym fitness yoga space interiors blog

Great Equipment

Great equipment can make or break the functionality of your fitness space so be willing to invest in machines you love and would use the most. Opt for multi-functional wherever suitable and buy from reputable agencies who will install onsite for you. Here are some other ideas for the equipment and accessories you can incorporate for a top performing space!

  • bar fridge for water and sports hydration drinks
  • personal protective equipment such as gloves, guards, powders and footwear
  • a skipping rope, gym ball, balance ball, rebounder, ropes, etc. depending on your activity of choice
  • quality sound system and TV
  • yoga mats, bricks, swings etc
  • boxing pad and glove kit or hanging boxing bag
  • a first aid kit in an easy to see and reach position, and after workout recovery items
  • ceiling, wall mounted or standing fans or air conditioning
  • warm/cool/wet/dry towels and towel station with laundry hamper or shoot
  • exercise charts, motivational images or mural wall of inspo!
  • salt lamp and oil diffuser with energising and relaxing oils on hands
  • steam room, sauna, shower, or simply a sink
  • furniture and decor that speaks to your overall home design, including: plants, a bench seat or chair, and mirrors.


What's in your home based gym?
Drop your dream space in the comments,
and Happy Home Training!

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