How a Bar Cart Can Be Your Seasonal Styling Bestie

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If you have a distinct lack of space to decorate seasonally - or at all - then a bar cart might just become your functional and festive best friend. Despite their name, the not so humble bar cart does make quite a statement and is a very on-trend item in interiors right now for displaying anything, not just alcohol. So whether you drink or not, this entertainers piece is a versatile one and ideal for small space, big impact decorating. 



Consider bringing the spring/summer vibes with:

  • Bowls or decorative glass jars of stacked fruit looks juicy and fresh - citrus in particular looks fresh and are cocktail ready
  • A collection of glass or rose gold stainless steel straws and decorative mixer sticks in a tumbler
  • Nothing says chill-out like a big glass drinks dispenser full of colourful fruits
  • Foliage and flowers make a beautiful impact - choose stems or bunches that best compliment your decor like sunflowers for a boho home, a collection of white blossoms for a monochrome home, or a single monstera stem for a minimal interior
  • An easy way to up the colour factor is with books. Anything goes, fashion coffee table books, a wine guide or home styling tomes. Stack, lean or open using an easel or recipe book holder for themed impact and interest



For the cooler months, style up your bar cart with:

  • Cakes, sweets or chocolates that add richness and decadence - stacked in glass jars or vases, perhaps with an acorn or snowflake topper
  • Napkins can add colour and warmth and can be rolled and stacked. Opt for shades of burgundy, midnight, rust or jewel green for extra depth
  • There's something about decantered scotch, whisky or wine in crystal that screams cosy by the fire vibes. Partner the bottle with chic crystal glasses and whisky stones at the ready
  • Bring the outdoors in with pine cones, interesting branches or fir leaves for a look that's fresh, simple and elegant



seasonal bar cart decorating blog interiors home samantha clark waters christmas holiday
seasonal bar cart decorating blog interiors home samantha clark waters summer




Whether you love to go all out for festivities or whether you just want to decorate the bar cart and that's it, have fun with it:

  • Eggs of the edible or decorative variety is a no-brainer for Easter extras on your cart. Fill vases and jars and colour co-ordinate with your home's overall aesthetic
  • Foliage such as bright blooms, cotton twigs, or tulips at Easter; roses for Valentines; cactus for Halloween; and poinsettia, holly or ivy at Christmas add a natural element
  • So too do fruits and vegetables like like piles of apples for Thanksgiving and pumpkins for Halloween. A festive cake on a cake stand under a dome can also be festively attractive and practical as it's out of the way but on display
  • Candles, of course, add festive and seasonal scents beautifully and draw attention to bar cart decorating delights when lit at night. Plus they add a bit of sparkle and crackle (wood wicks especially) that is the perfect finishing touch for any holiday or celebration!

What's your favourite way to style your bar cart?
Let us know in the comments below.
It's a fun way to test your skills and gain confidence to master and change up
vignettes around your whole home. Happy decorating!

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