How to Maintain Your Home’s Interiors Like a Pro

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To achieve an aesthetic for your home that you can be proud of, it's common sense to consider that your homes interiors are properly maintained. There are so many ways of doing just that yourself and a few that you may need to call in the professionals for. Leaving many of these things undone or overlooking their importance for too long as a home owner may end of costing you more money and stress unnecessarily later on. So to make sure that you stay on top of looking after your investment, here are some tips on how to maintain your home’s interiors properly.


Keep the Bathroom Caulked & Sealed

A good first place to start with are the wet ones. Keep your laundry, bathrooms and powder rooms in good shape by noticing when the sealants around showers, tubs, baths vanities and like are peeling or pulling. All kinds of problems will develop in your bathroom and other parts of your home if you don’t check the caulking and ensure everything is properly sealed. It’s something that you can DIY with a quick trip to the hardware store and it’s not particularly difficult either - just be sure to colour match where possible!


"At worst, a house unkept cannot be so distressing as a life unlived."
- Rose Macaulay



Look out for Leaks & the Early Signs of Problems

Sticking with damp issues and areas, it’s a good idea to regularly check the basement, attic, garages and cellars of your home. Look for leaks or any kind of moisture, puddling and even smells that could hint that something might not be quite right. When you spot problems like these, aim to fix them as soon as possible either with some smart ventilation, installing a skylight, plugging of leaks, replacing pipes, or even a simple clean and seal like your bathroom. Although there are plenty of how-to videos on the internet though, be careful with water and electricity and don't scrimp on pro help when needed - safety first and quality workmanship are key! Do this outside too and around window frames, especially if the home is older. 


Avoid Mould by Maintaining Ventilation

Mould can be really damaging not only to your home, clothing and contents, but also to yourself, especially if it’s allowed to build up over time. Whenever there’s a mould problem in your home, get it sorted right away and put in place solution's to prevent it reoccurring. It can inflame respiratory conditions, make you very unwell, and can drastically affect the marketability of your home if you decide to sell. Similar to the leak situation, look for damp, for green, black or white fungus-like growth (can sometimes look like wet dust), and again, strange musty odors. Look over, under sideways and down - mould can often be hiding in dark spaces and on the backsides of furniture and can sometimes be as simple to remove as a damp cloth rub over followed by a dry cloth or some sunlight on the item or area. Clean fans regularly and keep any and all extraction fans in good working order as well as opening windows and doors to air out the house as often as possible. Keep soft furnishings clean and dry and install skylights or velux's in areas the lack natural light and air flow.


Know the Signs of a Pest Presence

Pests are one of the more annoying and sometimes even surprising problems that can strike in your home. Look out for droppings, trails, webs, burrows, nests, or nibbles (eww) out of things - inside and out. Just like you do a pest inspection on a home before you buy it, continue this with upkeep from a general pest controller every year or enlist more specialised help when needed such as that of a wasp removal service. You'll keep you and your family safe, but you'll also be avoiding attracting bigger predators for pests and damage to your home such as that that termites can do. 

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Mitigate the Impact of Pets

We love our pets and the joy they bring to our lives, but it’s important to be prepared and aware to mitigate any damage they might cause to your home itself. Try to ensure they have scratching posts, easy indoors to outdoors access, and eating, sleeping and toilet facilities so they don’t damage your fixtures and fittings instead. It might sound like a minor concern, but if you notice bad habits forming in your pets that can become bigger problems later it's best to train or re-arrange their set-up to alleviate this. Things like damage to plastered walls, wooden floorboards, furniture and carpets are one thing, but damage to electrical wires or outlets can be fatal for you or the pet!

Teach your whole family to spot potential hazards around your home and
stay diligent by marking checkup dates for all of these in the family calendar.
Stay safe, stay well, and protect your haven for years to come!

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