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Laundry isn't always the most fun thing to do, so why not make it a much more relaxing and inviting space so we can feel better about it?! A cleaner, brighter, multi-functional and beautiful space might even encourage others to do their own too. I'm all for it, so here's a few sneaky ways to luxe up any lacking laundry, brand new or ready for reno, simply and stylishly.


"Look after your laundry, and your soul will look after itself."
- W Somerset Maugham



For spaces whose primary purpose is cleaning, laundries sure get grimy! When was the last time you gave everything in it a good scrub, polish and service? Now's that time. Include inside and outside the washer and dryer, the sink, grout, doors, floors, inside cabinets and shelves, plus doors and windows too. An immaculate surface is a smart starting point to add a touch of sparkle - and not necessarily of the bling variety...but I'm not against some extravagant laundry lighting if that's your jam!


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A lot of laundries are stock-standard boring and seriously ugly understated in the style stakes. Change that with a fresh coat of paint, new tiles, cabinetry and a sexy sink if you're going down the re-do renovation route. Otherwise, look beyond the bad and switch out door handles to brass, leather, or even crystal knobs; paint over existing tiles, add a practical by styled shelf or two; get a new laundry basket if it has to be on display; throw down a secure underfoot rug; and invest in safer, beautiful quality laundry care for your clothes.



Plants, fresh linen candles or diffusers, chic fluffy or linen hand towels, and a hand wash set can all make a decorative difference quickly and affordably. But what about art in the laundry? And I don't just mean shabby chic signs and cute stickers. An inexpensive black and white photograph or pencil drawing in a metallic frame could be ultimate finishing touch to a monochrome clean laundry room of dreams. Or take it next level with a large landscape painting or print in-tune with the decor style of the rest of your home.

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If you have the space, consider creating a whole room for the various activities one could use a wet-room for - a mud room, a crafting corner, potting and propagating station, or just a comfortable escape to mend, alter, wash, dry and fold a household worth of clothes, shoes, and soft furnishings. Place a large table in the centre, bench seating and cubbies with hooks and cushions along one wall, or custom linen closets and clever craft storage for the most useful luxury space in your home!

Even the smallest spaces can be stylish, and large spaces don't have to be wasted.
Make the most of what you have in an elevated way and transform your experience of that room and the tasks carried out there.

"Quality of life actually begins at home - it's in your street, around your community."
- Charles Kennedy

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