How to Make the Most of a Big Backyard

A big backyard can take a lot of work, but when you see it as a bonus you realise there's plenty of
options and opportunities to make the most of it.
If yours needs some attention, here are some ideas for tackling the job.


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Get the right tools

If your lawn is long, hedges are high and weeds are wild, you might not be able to get standard electric tools to reach - even with an extension lead. In this case, cordless tools will be your best bet - and I honestly just find them safer! Something either powered by batteries or petrol will give you more freedom without having to drag cables out with you. If your garden is extensive then something like a sit-on mower could be a good investment, but make sure you have adequate storage space for when it’s not in use. If your garden requires some replanting and seasonal soil toppers, a wheelbarrow is a good investment too. A heavy duty rake for weeds, small and simple handheld tools are a must, and of course, garden gloves and a hat!


"You can journey to the ends of the earth in search of success, but if you’re lucky, you will discover happiness in your own backyard."
- Russell Conwell


Split it up

A large yard with just a patio and lawn feels like a waste. Unless you have large pets or lots of kids running around, it most likely results in areas of the garden where no-one even ventures to. You can utilise the whole yard by sectioning it into usable zones, using  fencing, hedging or retaining walls and some creative planning. 

One area could be an entertaining zone, perhaps a decked ‘stage’ with a table and chairs, good lighting, lots of pots of flowers and your barbeque. Another area could be a place to grow veggies whether that be a greenhouse some raised beds for growing your own food sustainably. You could create a space especially for children to play with a swing set or jungle gym, a cubby house and space for outdoor toys. While another zone could be dedicated to relaxing, complete with a garden swing, outdoor sofa, and a table for your coffee, wine or cocktail as you sit out with a magazine and enjoy your backyard to the fullest.  Pool optional!


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"Small steps taken by many people in their backyards add up."
- Nancy Knowlton


Use the space to extend your home

Finally, a large back garden means you have plenty of space to extend your home should you need or want to. It's the perfect opportunity to create more square footage of your useable living space and still have a good-sized garden afterwards.

Whether you opt for an addition that is sympathetic to the existing house or add a conservatory or sun-room type structure made of glass, I'm already jelly! An addition that isn't attached to the house could also be built anywhere in the garden; unlike summer houses and outbuildings, they’re fully insulated so can be used as an extra room all year round. These are perfect structures for an office, studio, home gym, guest room or hangout for the kids! And if you don’t already have a driveway or garage, then having these made is a great use of your outside space, particularly if you have a large front garden.

To have a yard big enough to do any number of these things is a luxury as suburban sprawl minimises the size of land lots and space becomes a commodity. Take full advantage and you may find yourself enjoying your home life more, entertaining more often, relaxing, exercising or staycationing in new and positive ways!




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