Positive Vibes Only: The Ultimate Guide To Transforming Your Home

Question: When you walk in the door to your place do you feel a weight lifted off your shoulders? Or is it all a little too chaotic and you're just waiting for a spare second to clean, clear and clarify the vibes inside? If you answered the latter, then that time is right now.
Taking the time to transform your home into a more positive space will help you feel happier, more relaxed, and even more productive than if you keep trying to live among the weightiness. Here's some practical starters for you that can make a difference right away:



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Include Positive Imagery & Quotes

Include some positive imagery and quotes about your space to keep vibes light and reminder you and your guests that negativity, resentment and anger don't live there. This can be especially helpful in rooms like home offices and places where you may need a bit of an extra boost throughout the day. Dedicate a wall to these images and quotes and get the whole family involved to create something truly unique and charged with goals, dreams, lessons and favourite moments. 


Use Colours & Patterns That You Love

Don't be afraid to use your favorite colours and have fun with patterns like polka dots, abstract wallpapers and florals to lift the energy of a room. There are techniques you can use to clash and contrast colors in a way that really works, and if you're feeling super confident go for clashing patterns for an eclectic look that makes you happy. If that isn’t your thing, you can always just choose complementary colors and patterns. There are no rules, as long as you're asking yourself if your current colour and pattern scheme give good energy or leave you feeling tired, drawn or moody.


Have A Room Void Of Technology

Technology is a modern necessity, but it can also ruin our sleeping patterns and prove a distraction in times we should be resting. Aim to have at least one room completely void of technology in your home. This should be a peaceful space where members of your family can retreat if they need to. Your bedroom should definitely be the room you choose if you can only have one, but it can be a good idea to create a library or chill space where there’s nothing but books to get lost in!


“If you feel happy, smile with all your heart. if you're down, smile with all your might.” 
― Paul Ian Guillermo


Get Rid Of Anything That Doesn’t Bring You Joy

Walk around your home and ruthlessly pick out anything that no longer brings you joy. It might be something that reminds you of a bad time in your life, for example, or something someone gave you that just has never felt right in your home. Instead fill your home with things that really mean something to you and make you happy, no matter how quirky or boring it might be to others. 


Check Your Bill Spend & Mindset

If you’re begrudging the bills you need to pay to run your household, then it's likely that the energy in the house isn’t going to be as bright and uplifting as it could be. Transform your mindset to one of gratitude for the ability to pay these bills that provide and run your home comforts. And if you know you’re saving money and getting the best deals possible, this is made a whole lot easier, so it's worth doing a quick check. A site like Lumo can help you to compare and contrast different suppliers so you know you’re with the right one. Do these and notice an abundance energy move in to your space and raise those good vibrations!


Keep Things Minimal

Living a more minimal lifestyle can certainly make some people happier. Clutter is one of the biggest causes of stress (alongside money or your mindset about money!), so think carefully before bringing new items into your home, and don’t feel the need to fill space with pointless or unattractive accessories just for the sake of trends, or pleasing or impressing others. Sometimes less is definitely more, and when life is hectic, that may be the case for you even temporarily. Time to cull. 

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Tidy Up Regularly

Tidy up a little each day. It makes it quicker if you do this as you enter a room, rather than thinking about it and then forcing yourself to go back and do it later, just adding to your mental load. It's pretty simple but if you stay on top of it, you’ll always have a great positive energy flowing nicely through your home.


Consider Traffic Flow & Remove Blockages

If you're tripping up on anything when you’re making your way around your home you're tripping your energy, sometimes into anger, pain or frustration. To avoid this, make sure your rugs are positioned so that they aren't an obstruction, and that you’re not stubbing your toes on sharp or in the way of normal flow items. Physical blocks can block the energy or chi from flowing - but even if you don’t believe in that - it only makes sense that your home should be laid out well and easy to get around.


Use The Feng Shui Colour Theory

Feng shui says that colors are linked to certain emotions, and I'm inclined to agree. For example, the colour blue can be quite calming, while red can indicate an emergency. You can use colors in your home to boost positivity levels and make it a happier place to be. Get rid of dark colors that making you feel down. Choose colours that make you feel happy - for example, yellow and orange are associated with happiness and could help to promote it. You don’t have to redecorate your entire home, but it is another option for accessories or strategically placed objects. 


Unstick That Stuck Energy

Feel stuck in your home? It could be because there’s stuck energy there. Burning a sage or smudge stick or using sound can help move negative or unwanted energies on from your space. Sage burning is an ancient practice and some people really love the smell, while simply clapping a few times with an upbeat attitude and positive thoughts can help to lift the energy from room to room.


Create Your Own Altar

You don’t need to be religious to create an altar. Your altar can just be a place you choose to display beautiful things all in one place, like a gorgeous picture, some fresh flowers, and a salt lamp. It should be somewhere you can go for a few minutes to be mindful and enhance those positive emotions and the energy in the place, or centre yourself to become the cleansing agent for the rest of your home.


Burn Candles

Lighting candles can also help to clear out stagnant energy, and different colors can symbolise different things. For example, if you want more love in your life, then choose a pink or red candle. White and gold are pure and light reflecting which can also help to move energy in a preferred way. And choose seasonal and non-synthetic scents to bring a sense of the outdoors in and relax or uplift your mood and that of everyone who visits. 

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How do you up the happy in your home?
Let me know in the comments below.
And here's to bliss.




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