Serenity Outside: 4 Approaches to Creating a Garden Sanctuary


It can all get too much from time to time. Therefore, we need to find those little snippets of serenity to ensure that we are staying afloat. An open expanse of backyard can be an underutilized space in the realms of relaxation, but we can turn it into a calm retreat so we can escape from our lives just for a second or longer. So how can you turn your yard into a place that exudes peace and tranquility?


Focus on Greater Functionality

If you want to make changes to how your garden functions, there are so many options available. A patio extension is a dedicated space for outdoor living where you can read a book or enjoy meals but you can use it as a space for gatherings, especially during summer barbecue season! When you incorporate comfortable patio furniture or add shade, like an umbrella or pergola, you are creating a more versatile outdoor space that will connect your indoor and outdoor living areas, resulting in a calm retreat.


Comfortable Outdoor Seating

A simple thing, but if you're looking for the right type of furniture for your garden that is also going to make you feel relaxed, you've got to find something that is weather-resistant. We can easily feel that our garden is more work than is necessary, and therefore, if you want to prioritize outdoor seating, think about those inviting seating options that allow you to immerse yourself in the tranquility of the garden. For example, a hammock is one of those overused ideas, but it's easy to wash, and you can take it down when you're done without much effort! The benefits of relaxing in a hammock are many, and whether it's nestled under a tree, having inviting seating options will do a lot.


Creating Secluded Sections

A garden should be a place for us to retreat to, but we need to add an element of privacy and intimacy, especially if our neighbors can see over the fence. Some people feel like they need to step away from the world, but they can't properly relax in this type of environment because of prying eyes. Therefore, outdoor furniture placed strategically or tall shrubs could create some cozy corners that offer a sense of enclosure. This means you can escape from the outside world and envelop yourself in nature. Living in urban environments can deplete the mind and body of the things we need, and therefore, we have to prioritize getting back into the garden for this very reason.



Bringing in Water Features

The gentle sounds of flowing water can have an instantly profound calming effect. A small pond or a fountain can create that soothing atmosphere that will drown out urban noise and prioritize relaxation. When incorporating a water feature, we must try and blend it seamlessly with the overall aesthetics of the garden, and this is where, if you are more focused on relaxation and meditation, a Buddha water feature might be just the ticket.


While your garden can be a great space that adds so much to your home you should think about how to use it so it becomes a car retreat from the modern world. Some of these approaches can do so much for your sense of self and serenity in such a simple space.




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