Simple Space Saving Apartment Decorating

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"Storage is important. Whether it's cushions you only use outside in the summer, or blankets that only come out in the winter, you've always got to think of where to store them."
- Anthea Turner

When you’re living in an apartment, decorating can be a bit of a nightmare - especially if it's a rental. You’re working with a lot more restrictions than you would be in a larger house because you’ve usually got fewer rooms and they tend to be smaller. If you're not careful, an apartment can easily end up feeling cramped instead of cool. If it's time to redecorate your apartment, here are some great tricks to help you get the most out of it.


Light Colors

Most multi-residential home designs tend to be focused around making the best use of space which usually means getting as many apartments into the building as possible. As a result, rooms are often quite small and there isn’t always a lot of light coming in. That’s why it can be difficult to get an apartment to feel spacious and comfortable (once all your stuff is in it!), but the solution is in your colour scheme. When you’re choosing paint, wallpaper, or even couch colors, go for lighter shades that are going to reflect light around the room. If you use darker shades, the small amount of sunlight that you’re getting in will all be absorbed and the place will be dark and dingy, even during the day. #lettherebelightmyfriend


Metallics & Mirrors

Decorating with mirrors is common advice for small rooms; it reflects a lot of light around and it can give the impression that a room is larger than it is. But you can get a similar effect by using anything metallic or subtle mirrored surfaces. Decor like lamps, light fixtures, shelf railings, candles, and trays or table legs that are made of chrome effect metal will brighten up the room without having to have large mirrors on every surface. And metallics are a major design trend this year that aren't going anywhere soon. Bonus that there's so many affordable options available too! #oooohshiny


Floating Shelves

Storage is a must in any home, but more so in many apartments. Big bulky bookcases or sets of drawers take up huge chunks of the space and are best saved for spacious home with high ceilings. Too many large pieces of furniture can make a room feel cramped and smaller than it really is. In the spirit of using every inch of space in a small apartment, why not use floating shelves instead? You can still get the same amount of storage but you keep that valuable breathing floor space. You can put them almost anywhere but consider head heights of passing traffic or people seated on a couch. You could even use them in place of bedside tables, but also remember to leave some empty wall space for that all-important illusion of spaciousness and calm.


Double Function Furniture

When you don’t have that much space for furniture in a room, you’ve got to make sure that every piece counts. If a piece of furniture only serves one function, it might not be that efficient so keep an out for those that serve a double function. There is plenty of furniture that has been designed for exactly this purpose and has extra storage inside. Ottomans with inside storage that can double as a bench if you need extra seating, cute sofa beds in the office or living room, or coffee tables with shelving underneath are great easy options. Murpfy beds and cupboard fold-away ironing boards are also clever space savers worth installing for even more *space for activties!* #dancepartyyo

Decorating an apartment comes with its own set of challenges but I hope these simple tricks help make your apartment your own beautiful and functional home in the sky!
How have you decorated yours?
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