Some Changes to Your Home That’ll You’ll Appreciate Next Winter


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Just like you prepare a sluggish immune system to brace and face the cold winter months, so too we need to prepare our homes. If there are serious issues that need repairing or conveniences you'd like to have working, it also makes sense to sort them out well before winter really starts to bite. Life is so much cosier through the winter months if your home is up to the right standards and not displaying any potentially hazardous signs of wear and tear. There are a few changes in particular that you might want to think about making now in preparation for next winter that will keep you and your family toasty warm and, well, safe as houses!


Invest in Insulation

One of the first things you can do to make your home better able to deal with the oncoming chill is to have insulation installed throughout. Whether in the roof, walls or under a lifted house, the extra layer creates an environment in which the outside elements stay outside! If your home is older than 15 years (and in some cases sooner) it might be worth getting an inspector to asses if your insulation needs replacing or adding to and planning and budgeting for that to happen sooner rather than later. 


Upgrade Your Boiler

Your boiler (and/or hot water system - they are different) is one of the most important systems in your home, and if it’s been a while since it was serviced or it’s getting rather old, now is the time to get it checked. It might be time to make an upgrade and to get yourself a higher performance or more efficient boiler to rely on. Being without warmth due to a malfunction, or burst pipe requiring emergency repair in the bitter cold would not only be uncomfortable, but might also lead to illness if delayed.


Heated Floors in the Bathroom

One thing I absolutely want in the dream home is underfloor heating under tiled surfaces! Places like Coldbuster provide heated floor installations and it’s something that that can make those frosty morning showers and nights in the kitchen so much more bearable - I actually get goosebumps thinking of bare feet on cold tiles! Again, another improvement that can prevent catching the sniffles, as it's often your feet that cool down or heat up the rest of your body most.


Prevent a Pest Invasion

The last thing you want mid-winter is to have pests fleeing the cold to take refuge in your home and potentially wrecking havoc on your staying-in plans, wiring, structural integrity of the home, or your families health and peace of mind. That’s why it’s a good idea to take action now and start looking for any gaps in your home’s exterior that might be exploited by rodents or other pests that would find your cosy interior appealing! Also, it's important to check the roof cavities and attic for birds, bats or possums that might start nesting up there as the temperature drops.


Find and Seal Any Leaks

Finally, look for any sources of damp or potential leaks in your home. When it starts to rain or snow more and the wintertime weather increases, you don’t want any pipes or the roof to start leaking - or any other part of your home that shouldn't be for that matter. Water damage, mould, and emergency plumbing costs and inconveniences do not make for the peaceful or pleasant winter of your dreams, so book in a home maintenance checkup a season early before the big chill, so you can indeed be chill in the knowledge your home is safe and sound!

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