3 Life Insights That Come From A Great Food Experience

If we bring up the term ‘Michelin starred restaurant,’ what emotions go through your mind? Well, first it’s likely you consider your purse. Eating at one of these establishments can be expensive, sure. But enjoying great food when dining out can be a wonderful celebration of life in more ways than one.

Despite the humble beginnings of Michelin as a tyre company, and the star guide first appearing as a means of finding restaurants with good food and convenient proximity to a garage, the name has come to mean excellence, high craftsmanship and a willingness to provide some of the best service possible. These things are worth experiencing, and they can often teach us something about ourselves, and inspire us to be better.

Here’s how:



Michelin star restaurants value craftsmanship above all else. That means the chefs and those who develop the menu are continually absorbing new recipes, developing innovative ways to improve the collection, preparation and presentation of food, sourcing ingredients and finding their art in these creations. There is an intense amount of effort with the food they curate, and to hold back, ensuring that less is more or more is more as all good artists intention.

These attitudes can inspire us. When was the last time you truly felt absolutely connected to and absorbed in what you were doing? Do you sometimes live on autopilot: in your job, the way you dress, or the people you spend time with? Could this be improved? If you make a little extra effort to ensure craftsmanship of your life that is uniquely and truly you, life could look and feel just like your dreams - your very own #beautifulreallife - and you could have much more fun curating it all!


Appreciation For Culture

It’s easy to be simply connected to your own culture and forget there's a world full of new and different experiences, beliefs and practices out there. However, famed chefs will find time to explore other cultures, to appreciate them, to head out of their comfort zones and find things they never knew were possible before. This can lead to a real desire for the sense of adventure, wonder and personal betterment. It can throw open the limitations on our mental horizons. A plate of food can also show us how many different cultures all have something wonderful to say, from the excellent black truffle of Australia to the beautiful high spices of India, there will always be nothing but celebration on a plate from the ends of the Earth. When we take this explorative attitude it can help us find new and different sides of ourselves and newfound appreciation and respect for others, represented in the fashion we take inspiration from, how we give back and to whom, the new locations we visit or support in our local areas, or the vast destinations we can seek to experience.


The Experience of Enjoyment in the Moment

Food brings us into the present moment. From the scent, the taste and the overall experience, we begin to live in the present. It’s a meditative experience. Learning from this can help you apply more insight and moment to moment awareness to your life, especially during the times that matter most. Reminding yourself of this can show you the beauty of the present moment, and give you more time to experience that which is in front of you.


So what are you waiting for? Eating in a Michelin star restaurant, or cooking with those ingredients
yourself could awaken your senses, your passion and your lust for life.
Sometimes there is nothing better than food to help us achieve this.





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