4 Reasons Why You Can’t Sleep At Night & How to Overcome Them

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If you are struggling to sleep at night then you will know how frustrating any advice on this topic can be. You may feel as though you've tried everything but you're still battling to keep yourself awake during the day and your energy levels are at an all time low. Lack of sleep can have a huge impact on your life and you know that if you don’t sort it out you may even find that it leads to long-term health complications as well. Here's 4 big reasons why you can't fall asleep at night and some suggestions on how to overcome them to wake up wonderful!



Anxiety can bring about its own physical changes and that might largely include an inability to fall asleep. At times you could find yourself exhausted and sleeping all day, and at other you may feel as though you just can’t get any sleep at all - no matter the time. One way to deal with this is to look at your lifestyle and find out if you can make any changes that will help you for the better. Find a way to reduce your workload, create a more flexible schedule, avoid people who stress you out, or even change jobs. Consult your journal and get quiet often to help you pinpoint the sources of your fears, doubts, worries and overthinking. Having the courage to change this can help you regain your health and improve your overall outlook on life. Be wise and know that's it's OK to speak to a professional for an individually tailored plan to ditching your anxiety and diving into blissfully deep sleep. 


Too Much Activity

If you do too much before bed, be it chores, going to the gym, working or scrolling on your phone, or even watching TV, you are putting yourself in a wired and alert state. Too much activity doesn’t give you the chance to wind down, reflect on the day passed or prepare for the day ahead. Take a bath or simply lie in bed breathing 100 deep belly breaths, inhaling healing, gratitude and calm, and exhaling stress, to-do lists and the day just gone. Take 30 minutes to write, read, listen to a meditation track or have some couple time and you'll soon notice your body feeling heavier and ready to drift into dreamland. 

"Tired minds don't plan well. Sleep first, plan later." 
- Walter Reisch



Believe it or not, smoking often has a stimulant effect and may be a cover habit for dealing with stress, anxiety, or simply the need to be doing something. Quitting smoking will not just improve your health but can help you get much more sleep as a result, and help you to breathe better during sleep. It may be easier said than done for you to do this, but it is worth making the change for the enormous benefits. Scents might become more important to you once you quit and diffusing soothing essential oils such as lavender, vetiver and chamomile can create the calm you need to switch off and sleep soundly. 


Your Mattress

If you have a mattress that is far too hard or even too soft then you could struggle to get comfortable at night. You may find that you toss and turn or wake up in the middle of the night with aches and pains. Look into a pocket spring mattress and consult many a mattress to find the perfect fit and feel for you. There's even underlays, magnets and multiple functions for any size bed and for any side of the bed. Check your pillow options while you're at it and take joy in dressing your bed with the softest furnishing you can find. For a place where you spend so much time, getting it right can make all the difference to your sleeping routine and even how you feel first thing in the morning and throughout the course of your day. And remember, keep the bed solely for sleep and sex to protect that scared sleep energy of the space. 


It's time to dim the lights, take a deep breath, savour feelings of rest and relaxation, visualise your body sinking slowly, deeper and deeper into healing, all-night sleep and waking up anew. Sweet dreams friends....

How do you sleep soundly?

Share your best beauty sleep rituals in the comments below.

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