Ideas For Life Changing Experiences You Can Do This Year

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Do you feel like you need a change in your life at the moment? Are you stuck in a rut? Then, as they say, a change is as good as a holiday. Or you could just go on a holiday!

The following ideas could bring about life changing experiences that could help you turn things around and find new meaning in your life. At the very least, these ideas are going to expand your horizons, present you with new opportunities, perspective and people that could have you feeling as fulfilled as you deserve to be.

Take a moment to read, journal on what's best for you, and then have the courage to act. Often the first movement when you're feeling stuck can feel like the hardest. But it's so worth it to feel as happy and free as you want to be. Create a plan of action, and make some significant changes in your life within the next six months. Why not?!

“The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.” 
― Albert Einstein


See the world

If seeing the world has been on your to do list forever but you haven't started with even one new place, it might be time to take a trip. Perhaps backpacking with friends? Hire a van and head in a direction you don't normally go for a few days? Jump on one of those crazy cheap flight specials to wherever the special is for? Or go and visit a loved one you don't want to regret not visiting more.

There are plenty of fascinating places to visit like Machu Picchu or the Great Wall of China that may have been calling you. Bali never spoke to me until about a year ago, and now we'll be there next month I just know it's going to have a huge impact on me - not just in physical relaxation, but in mental clarity and spiritual grounding.

And PS. Make sure you get appropriate vaccinations before you travel as they don’t cost a lot of money according to the experts from companies like, but could absolute save your life should you need it while you're changing your life! 


“Why do you go away? So that you can come back. So that you can see the place you came from with new eyes and extra colors. And the people there see you differently, too. Coming back to where you started is not the same as never leaving.” 
― Terry Pratchett, A Hat Full of Sky


Get a new job

People who remain in the same job for more than a few years can become a little complacent with their work. Amiright?! If you feel that way and a holiday just isn't cutting it, it makes sense to look for a new position as soon as possible... and according to these guys:

Perhaps you could enter a new marketplace and try something unusual? Maybe you could head back to college and gain some qualifications in something you're actually excited about? Or bugger the piece of paper and go ask for a job in your chosen area, selling your current knowledge, passion and skills that would absolutely work in that environment.

If you used to dream of working in a particular role; now is the time - while you have the fire of desire - to find out as much information about the best ways to score those jobs and go get 'em! Also, it makes sense if you're feeling under-supported, under-paid, or under-appreciated to look for something that will help to improve those and your financial situation. While money isn’t everything, it sure makes living your best life (I mean internally too) that much easier.

ideas life changing experiences adventure reboot lifestyle blog


Volunteer for a charity

There are thousands of excellent charities all around the world that make a positive difference in vulnerable people’s lives. Helping one of those organisations is a fantastic move if you want to give something back to society and boost your own morale, motivation and shift your 'stuck' perspective.

Working with people less fortunate is a privilege, and you will soon come to understand that bad things can happen to anyone. It can help you appreciate the things you have and the people who do provide support in your life.

If you need some ideas when it comes to selecting the best type of charity, consider working with the homeless, asylum seekers, the disabled, and anyone else experiencing difficulties in the world at the moment - locally, nationally or globally - there are so many ways to make a difference whilst also fulfilling a need within yourself. 


Start a business

Launching a business with low startup costs is a brilliant move if you want to turn your life around in a big way. While you will have to work hard to ensure your business succeeds; you may encounter many benefits that you didn’t get when you worked in traditional roles.

Maybe you're sick of the stress of a boss looking over your shoulder, or you want to determine your working hours and your rate of pay yourself. Maybe it's time to stop watching other people who've decided to become entrepreneurs and launch a new business gain more freedom, and actually go after your own version of it.

It's one of the more obvious options that could initially cause a change of life that is a little scary and chaotic to start with, but it's just as much worth considering for the long-term benefits, sometimes dramatically improved changes, and general ownership of your life circumstances. (Take it from me!)


ideas life changing experiences adventure reboot lifestyle blog relationship

Find in a new relationship

We live in a digital age, but also one where connection is craved, and so there are lots of ways to go about attempting to meet a new life partner. Don't stick to just one way, or let one way or one bad experience stop you from seeking if that's what you truly want. Change things up in your search and perhaps try a dedicated speed dating night, confidently be the one to approach that cute stranger in the bar, or try online dating with clear intentions of having fun or 'finding the one.'

There are hundreds of different apps available for your smartphone to help you make this move and creating a profile takes a only matter of minutes, but could be the thing you look back on a year from now that was the catalyst for your chnage in relationship status and happiness. 

Or.... discovering a new relationship with yourself can be just as transformative, and any one of these suggestions can help you do just that.



Sometimes a physical move is needed to broaden your horizons and provide yourself with as many opportunities as possible. Our environments and our reactions to those environments - people, places and things - can shape us or shake us. Sometimes without our even knowing until you feel the dreaded 'stuck-ness.'

If you're living in a house or a community that is suffocating to your personality, your health, or your career progression and it's making you unhappy, it may juts be an easy win to relocate as soon as possible. You might start out travelling to find your place to put down some new roots, or you could rent in various locations to find out what feels good and is good for you and the changes you wish to make and BE. 

Despite the extra effort and planning this option can take, when it's the only option for you, all the packing, unpacking, and goodbyes in the world are so worth it to feel alive, free and home.

“Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don't resist them; that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like.” 
― Lao Tzu

Are you set to make a big change in your life?
Are you just going to do something different today?
Let us know in the comments below.
And here's to happy!

* There are no guarantees in life or business. Results are different for everyone. Annual typical earning statement for Arbonne available at





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