My Favourite Glow-Up Discoveries of 2023

2022 has been the year of the glow for me and if you want your 2023 to be, here's a few of my favourite things to help you look good and feel better. But let's get one thing super clear, 'the glow' is not some elusive unreachable attractiveness only reserved for the Rhianna's of the world, nor is it an exotic serum that will smooth your complexion back to the year 2000. It's not even what I say has worked for me right here in this article.

The secret is that your own unique glow is simmering beneath the surface of your own healing, self belief, and state of being. It's unleashed inside out, sparkling on your skin, opening your eyes, putting pep in your step, and aligning so sweetly with your soul that it cannot help but erupt in laughter and in the upturned corners of your smile.

'Glow' is lit from within through your optimally functioning physical body, nourished by high vibrational food and strengthened by regular exercise. It's the exercising of our brains and re-wiring of our thoughts that develops a mindset that supports action aligned with happiness, prosperity, generosity of spirit, compassion, love and the embrace of the full gamut of life's experiences.

It's the vibe you consume that enlivens the vibe you radiate, your aura that introduces you, and your essence that defines you. That's where your glow begins.



I know you might think you can't do it or aren't any good at meditation (me 12mths ago), but keep at it until it becomes an every day habit, especially if you're not fitting in a solid 8 hours of sleep a night. 20 minutes of meditation is equivalent to 4-5 hours of sleep after all (so say the experts at ASSOCHAM's 'Illness To Wellness' series). That's some high quality, well-rested beauty hack genius right there! 


There's a lot to be said for the simplicity of prioritizing sitting still, putting the phone down, and tuning out for the tremendous benefits of reduced stress, a more balanced nervous system, clearer decision making, and how all that shiz shows up on our face. 




By far the biggest enhancement to my feeling all brand new sparkle has come from this daily green drink, aka The Glow Drink. Having been an occasional consumer of #greens in drink form - often mixed into smoothies to mask any hint of colour or potential grass like flavour - I finally committed to the daily glow drink by way of avoiding waste. See, the multiple tubs of fruit and vegetable concentrate powder sat going out of date in my pantry and in a late night organisation frenzy I decided I would use them all up to beat the looming deadline of time!

Fast forward 30days in and I'm hooked - on the taste, on the energy boost, on the debloating, digestive contentment, and on the noticeably improved health of my hair, skin and nails.

Hands down the best concoction of essential nutrients and phytonutrients, antioxidants, prebiotics, probiotics, vegan collagen, vitamin C, biotin, hyaluronic acid, and naturally derived caffeine from ginseng guarana, and green tea ever to bless my body.

The glow drink is now my morning go-to and it gives me life!



I've always loved taking care of my skin, but this year I upped the ante and actually found myself a great esthetician and followed their advice with consistency. If you can find yourself a clinic that offers an array of services, the less bothersome setting up regular visits will be and in some cases, loyalty affords discounted treatments. For me, effective skincare and proper nourishment (hello glow drink) are 2 equally important parts of the puzzle, the other: great skin doesn't happen by chance, it happens by appointment.


Get a professionals assessment, invest wisely, and wear sunscreen!



And finally, nothing emits radiance more than a freed soul! Whether it's past lovers who did me dirty, fake friends, or fair-weather family, I've been cutting cords and healing with the purpose to make room for more good, an influx of abundance, unconditional exciting love, and just some space for myself to recognize myself... you know?! As a highly sensitive person it can be all too easy to get lost and lumped up with the emotions of others - often big, heavy ones too - and frequent energetic cleanses and shadow work is needed to give that heart space some breathing room.

If you're caught yourself saying "yeah I'm over it" but continue to talk about the what if's of that situation any chance you get, driving even yourself crazy, then I highly recommend combining meditation with some cord cutting rituals and getting it the f out of your system. Forgiveness and/or forgetfulness about our pain transforms it, and absolutely shows up in and around your being.

Lighten the load and you will light the room up my friend!






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