It’s OK to Ask For Help in Learning to Look After Yourself

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It's OK to ask for help in learning how to look after yourself ❤️ Looking after my body is vital to my alignment and includes everything from physical fitness, to nourishing myself with whole food and hydration, to personal development and minding my mind.

If you're yet to watch the Heal documentary, start there, as the likes of my BFF, Dr Joe Dispenza, discuss in 'modern terms' if you will, what Louise Hay had us know from years ago, that we can indeed heal our lives and that so much of it begins with what we think and the feelings those thoughts trigger.

Walking daily soaking in the blue sky with a soul-speaking Audible book in my ears is one of my favourite ways to stretch the desk legs and switch my mind to expansion mode rather than the distraction mode it lives in 80% of the day thanks to the nature of my social businesses.

Some fascinating reads I've absorbed lately include Becoming Supernatural by Dispenza, Ask and It Is Given by Ester and Jerry Hicks, Witch and Love Your Lady Landscape both by Lister Lister, and in paper form, I'm pouring over Moonology by Yasmin Boland.

To honour my temple and keep my third eye open, I'm choosing greens over cheese, have cut way back on wine time, take a greensmultivitamin and ACV booster shot each day, as well as a mind health drinkomega 3 and other plant based supplements for optimal health. My digestion has improved, my hair, skin and nails are happier than ever, and I speak loving kindness over my everything I ingest and over the beautiful vessel that is my body.

“You create a path of your own by looking within yourself and listening to your soul, cultivating your own ways of experiencing the sacred and then practicing it. Practicing until you make it a song that sings you.”
― Sue Monk Kidd

What is your song? If you're stuck, scared, or don't even know where to start, I'm happy to help you write it so that you CAN indeed feel empowered to heal yourself. If you resonate with me let's have a conversation that leads to action, that leads to love, that leads to change, that leads to healthful happiness. The journey's always sweeter with company x





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