How to Set Up Your Own Altar Space of Calm

samantha clark creating alter space

The act of creating space and setting up an altar in your home - whether permanent or movable - is a powerful step towards every day calm and improving your well-being.

Firstly, don't let the word altar freak you out, instead think of it as a calming space or centred space in your home. Somewhere quiet just for you: shrine, happy place, zen den...whatever you want to call it - it's yours!

I have set up 2 of these spaces over the past few years and found that my spiritual practice became more consistent (and useful!), but that I also felt a deeper sense of calm, belonging, and safety just knowing it was there.

I was often drawn to sit and be still even upon walking by my little altar space with no prior intention of doing so, and sometimes multiple times a day.

It took me a while to find a spot in our new abode being there is no spare room to hide away in, but once I did, once again, it felt so right and so good.

Here's a few suggestions to get your started in creating your own magical meeting point - wherever you may be calling home for now:


  • Find a space in your home and a cushion where you can sit cross legged (or whatever is comfortable for you) for at least 10mins. Make sure that it feels good to you, is free from too many distractions if possible, and for designs's sake, that isn't in the middle of a thoroughfare. 
  • Use a side table, stack of books, tray or slab of crystal and start adorning with images and figures you love and perhaps admire, with words and objects that evoke peace for you, even crystals and candles and beads. 
  • Add books or cards to your altar that offer you personal power and hope and speak to your beliefs. For me that includes a deck of angel cards and Gabby Bernstein's Miracles Now affirmation deck. Danielle La Porte also has a beautiful deck of truthbombs cards if you're into keeping it real on your spiritual path. Sitting and feeling into any type of cards, maybe with a question on your mind, and then drawing one out to garner some wisdom from is a simple but powerful starting point for most seekers I speak to who are starting out on their self-love, self-awareness or spiritual journey. Do whatever works for you.
  • Place each piece onto your altar with intention for the good vibes it brings and a thank you blessing, happy that each item adds rather than subtracts from the serenity and strength of the setting. Cleanse any items like cards and crystals that may hold onto energy in full moonlight or short bursts of sunlight. 
samantha clark blog alter space 2


  • You may even like to spritz the space with a clearing spray. I really dig the Abundance Spray made by a beautiful friend of mine at In Light Essences. A couple of mists of that with upbeat, money-loving energy and you'll be setting the tone for the law of attraction to flow and know you mean business. (PS. Back it up with the work. My best business advice is always to do the work - work that light's you up though is even richer!) 


samantha clark blog alter space 1
  • Imbue your sense of style to your altar - cluttered and eclectic from your travels, or minimal and white to quiet your mind - make it so uniquely you it instantly feels like home (especially handy if you're currently a long way from home).
  • Release any pressure to have your altar 'perfect' or 'finished' right away. It's perfect as it is right now and you can keep adding and subtracting as you use it and grow with it. 
  • Enjoy it! If you're someone who has never meditated but would like to start - sitting quietly in front of your altar is a great place to start. I would often sit and focus on my breathing for 10 whole minutes, not allowing my mind to wander until I could no longer hear anything of the world around me. After the 10 minutes I'd open my eyes and write.
  • Write, write and write some more. Keep a journal (or even scrap pieces of paper like I still prefer - great for scribbles and big messy thoughts) and after meditation or a consultation with your angel cards, put pen to paper and don't stop until there are no more thoughts left. This is often referred to as free writing, but is basically an unconscious flow of words or lines without correction, logical thought or judgement. It can be nonsense that you never read again, or it might be something you decide to read back and discover answers and solutions and ideas that have been harbouring inside you. Side note: This is often where my best poetry comes from, but also some of the weirdest nothingness comes from.... Don't sweat it...just let it. πŸ˜‰ 


  • Use music to set the mood or take you on a journey if you like. I love this beautiful Devi Prayer (Hymn to the Divine Mother Akasha) and use it often in guided meditations and journalling workshops. (Try to not let the device playing it become a distraction. And if it does...acknowledge it, forgive yourself and move right along.)
  • I tend not to give myself too many restrictions, but I do sometimes force myself to stop and sit before my altar when I know I'm running in circles looking for answers or not even looking but knowing something is up. You'll likely do the same and start listening to your body, heart and soul - and it will always tell you what you need to do. 


samantha clark outdoor alter spiritual space
samantha clark nature alter spirit crystal


Have you got a special space of calm and centredness in your home? Is it a place in nature?
Share your altar love in the comments below. I'd love to hear (and see) it.

Big Love to you all and thank you for sharing this special space with me.
And please do forward this to anyone else who needs this right now.







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