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Being spiritually fit is a big and beautiful part of my life and helps build resilience, patience, confidence and cultivates calm and creativity. I use my spiritual practice and a variety of tools for my mental health, inner and outer health as well as leadership, so I've learned to integrate it into my essential daily method of operation. And I love it! So if you're feeling low or feeling well, going for a goal, wanting to connect back in with yourself, find or know yourself so you can find and know others, my hope is that this compilation of soul searching supplies helps you do just that...with bliss!



Looking after my body is vital to my alignment and includes everything from physical fitness, to nourishing my body with whole food and hydration, to personal development and minding my mind. If you're yet to watch the Heal documentary, start there, as the likes of my new bestie, Dr Joe Dispenza, discuss in 'modern terms' if you will, what Louise Hay had us know from years ago, that we can indeed heal our lives and that so much of it begins with what we think and the feelings those thoughts trigger.

Walking daily soaking in the blue sky with a soul-speaking Audible book in my ears is one of my favourite ways to stretch the desk legs and switch my mind to expansion mode rather than the distraction mode it lives in 80% of the day thanks to the nature of my social businesses. Some fascinating reads I've absorbed lately include Becoming Supernatural by Dispenza, Ask and It Is Given by Ester and Jerry Hicks, Witch and Love Your Lady Landscape both by Lister Lister, and in paper form, I'm pouring over Moonology by Yasmin Boland.

“Feeling good equals allowing the connection; feeling bad equals not allowing the connection
—feeling bad equals resisting the connection to your Source.”

― Esther Hicks, Ask and It Is Given: Learning to Manifest Your Desires


To honour my temple and keep my third eye open, I'm choosing greens over cheese, have cut way back on wine time, take a greens, multivitamin and ACV booster shot each day, as well as a mind health drink, omega 3 and other plant based supplements for optimal health. My digestion has improved, my hair, skin and nails are happier than ever, and I speak loving kindness over my everything I ingest and over the beautiful vessel that is my body.



Stay with me. A bath can be a ritual because it's a regular occurrence and done as a cleansing or detoxing type of experience. Essentially, that's what all forms of bathing are and always have been, but they can be made all the more special, soothing and yes, totally healing, with a few added steps.

I love baths and if I could have one diva demand for the rest of my life it would be that every home I live in from here on out has a bath. After a big day or at the start of a self care session, scorching hot or luke warm, bubbly, salty or still, baths can be super relaxing and restoring.

I light candles - always - add good old not-so-basic Epsom Salts (magnesium) if I want to wash away bad energies (mine or those I've empathically picked up throughout the day); apple cider vinegar for a deep detoxifier, albeit a little stinky; or my favourite turmeric, lavender and citrus extract bath salts. Lay there in silence for 15-30 minutes or enforce peace with noise cancelling headphones and a guided meditation. Focus on 100 deep belly breaths where you feel your stomach and lungs expand and contract fully and use a sponge to imagine everything you need to let go washing off you in downward strokes.

To save water (please do this wherever you are, not just in Australia!) I empty as much water onto non edible plants as possible and then as you watch what's left gurgle down the plug hole, affirm that all that was weighing you down is now gone and you are cleansed and clear to move powerfully forward.


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Not just a sucker for a gorgeous candle, scents in general play an important part in my spiritual daily routine and are easy to execute (almost) anywhere. A quick spritz of chakra balancing mist, a little roll of essential oils on my neck (or stomach, or temples, wrist depending on the need), or burning incense or sage for cleaning, clearing, resetting or meditation all play a part. 

Add Rebecca Campell's Rise Sister Rise Playlist or Native American Flute Music to mix and I'm transported. Music, and sometimes the silence of simply having my headphones in, helps me concentrate when I'm working or disconnect when I'm not. Finding the sounds and scents that activate and affect you for various moods is a fun process and one well worth investigating!



I'm definitely no expert and my Crystal Bible is packed away in storage somewhere, but my crystal collection still steadily grows regardless. I have quite a number of small stones, 2-3 bigger chunks, a wand, and some gem jewellery that I love, appreciate and have learnt to use for their various energetic powers.

I will often be drawn to keeping a certain stone next to me all day or tucked away in my outfit purely based on instinct and asking myself what I need vibrationally at the time. I cleanse them with water, thought blessings and the light of the full moon, and I really don't get too hung up on what is technically right or wrong, just what feels right for me at the time. Some of my favourite pieces were given to me or chosen by me during times that felt the hardest but were actually major leveling up moments in my life.

If you're wanting to harness the magical and beautiful gifts of the earth in an easy and non-threatening way, get thee to your nearest gemstone dealer, pick a piece that speaks to you, and simply pray with it each day.

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Same goes with tarot, angel and oracle cards...go with the flow and use them when and how you best feel called to. I have the Starchild tarot, Work Your Light oracle deck, Ask an Angel, and the new Starseed oracle cards and use them interchangeably as I feel fit. And I don't obsess, I simply use them when I need a little more of a nudge to trust my own quiet guidance.

Remember, they are the tools, you are the truth. Stay in your power and you will find health, healing and happiness in collaboration with your soul supplies, rather than relying on a clutch.



Arguably the most important part of my spiritual practice is that that I must actively do - the mediation, affirmations, journaling, and creation of my artworks and life's work. I feel centered, calm, clear, and charged when I meditate in the morning, affirm throughout the day, journal at night and get stuff done.

I have designed my life to align with my values and allow me to pursue my passions. The art of play to make beautiful and doing the work of coaching, inspiring and leading others sparks joy and makes me feel alive, so I do more of that wherever I can. When I do, opportunities abound, miracles make known, the universe has my back and I attract the high vibe tribe I need and desire.

This all starts with my part in the practice...and it's the practice that makes it possible. I get that it might seem like a lot to introduce at once - so don't. Start where you are, with what you have and a heart-led vision of who you are becoming.

“You create a path of your own by looking within yourself and listening to your soul, cultivating your own ways of experiencing the sacred and then practicing it. Practicing until you make it a song that sings you.”
― Sue Monk Kidd







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