The Ocean of Business & Becoming a Leader to Save Yourself

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Leadership is kinda like Surf Life Saving and business is gonna need YOU to become one.

The lifeguard will flag the boundaries of the beach best to swim in; call you out and warn you when you're nearing the danger zone; and they're even brave enough to haul your ass out of the surf too if you really get into a gnarley sitch.

They don't teach you to swim - because there's a level of expectation that you understand the potential risks of that crazy beautiful beast you're walking into, and you've accepted that responsibility to enjoy with care, check your depth, watch yourself and your crew, and signal for help if you need it.

But once you're on that sand safe and sound after a rescue where they've put their lives on the line to save yours... mate, they will let you know straight that there was some sh*t you could've done to avoid that experience. And you listen and learn because, damn, now you know that aqua mass that provides so many blessings also ain't messing.

She's not for everyone, the ocean. So many crave her and dive right into her unaware. Some get lucky being foolish while many peacefully enjoy her ebb and flow majesty on the daily, bobbing happily. And yet some will never learn to swim to save themselves.

But those sentrys still show up.
They still guide with compassion and guard the culture of respect for all.
They lead what they can control and they love and let be what they can't.


...and if you haven't yet picked up on the metaphor - I pray you're up for an adventure, because sometimes there's no signs, no flags, no bouys, hidden rocks...
and sometimes there's even no waves!

Will you sink or swim?!
#hangten 🤙





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