7 Fun Activities To Do On Any Vacation

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Exploring the Getty Center, Los Angeles

Vacation. Holiday. Getaway. Whatever you call it, make your next trip your best yet with these fun activities to cater to any kind of individual. Whether you are travelling with kids, travelling as a couple, or you prefer to fly solo - here's 7 to do's to make it great.


1. Be Mesmerized at the Museum

If have an appreciation for art and history or want to incorporate some education into your next adventure, then go to the museum for the day, or two, or three. Most cities and towns have some kind of unique museum, many of them free to access or with a small fee, making it one of the less costly things to do on holidays. Pre-plan online and pick out all the ones that interest you, and then hop on a bus to get there. Even better - find a hop-on hop-off bus tour to fit several galleries and museums into one trip. They offer hours of immersion and admiration of all the beautiful and bizarre creations you could want on any topic of interest. Inspiration is all around us, and it's an excellent way to kickstart your vacation - especially if it's a centre celebrating the local area you are visiting.


“Never stop doing things for the first time.”


2. Get Sporty at Sea

The point of travel is to experience as much of this full and diverse world as possible, right? So don't leave off exploring as much of the magical marine life that surrounds us all either. Get on the water with sailing, fishing adventures, stand up paddle boarding, kayaking, white water rafting, surfing lessons, or jet skiing to name a few. If you're feeling brave and have a love for the water and all of its creatures, however, ditch the shoreline snorkeling or aquarium viewing and dive in instead. Places like dive HMAS at Scubaworld offer you the chance to visit the underwater world not seen by many. This could indeed be one of those once in a lifetime experience that you'll never forget, or you may even discover a new passion and want to go back to do it again and again. There will always be an experienced dive guide with you to ensure that you are safe and feel comfortable, so there's nothing to worry about - other than the sharks!!! Just kidding... Kinda.


3. Hit up The Amusement Park

If you enjoy the faster things in life and call yourself a bit of a thrill seeker, then an amusement park will give you all the satisfaction that you need, and with the technology of rides these days, maybe even more than you bargained for! This is a great vacay activity to do in a group for added fun and the benefits of splitting up into smaller groups depending on the kind of rides that you each enjoy. Theme parks come in all shapes and sizes, so regardless of whether you like heights or not, you still have other options to enjoy including live shows, wacky theatres, quirky themed shops and food, and the pleasure of escaping into another world for a day. You can make a whole day (and sometimes night) of doing this as once you've bought a ticket, it will cover you from the morning right up until the park closes, so arrive early to get as much out of it as you can, checking the park timetable for special events you want to catch. And wear comfortable clothes to be prepared to walk a lot. Bonus double workout! 😉

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Shoreside at Lake Havasu, Arizona


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Feeling the magic of Dinseyland, Anaheim, California



Walking the San Francisco Botanical Gardens


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Bike riding towards the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

4. Explore on Foot

It sounds so simple, but when was the last time that you just went for a walk to explore your surroundings? There are so many hidden gems that can go unnoticed when we are always rushing and on the move in the car. So why not slow things down this vacation and take time to truly breathe in the air that's around you? Pack a bag with some local snacks and a camera and get lost a little on your wanders. When you find a scenic view, park or shore side have a mini picnic until you're ready to move on and continue with your adventure. If you want to get your sweat on, search for local hikes and trails and prepare to conquer new territory. Walking is a free and more leisurely way to discover even more of the 'everyday' of the place you are visiting.


5. Hire a Bike

Sick of all that walking, no worries! Most populated cities and townships the world over house bike hire in the traditional form or via bike share apps with stations to pick up and drop off bikes and helmets at multiple locations within the area. Don't just watch people whizzing by and don't rule yourself out as too unfit. Jump on - they're loads of fun and often you can choose your own route and avoid hills is you want to. Plus most outlets offer mountain bikes with easily changeable gears to help you out when you get stuck. You're on holidays after all, have a laugh and get exhilarated - it will make that cocktail later taste even better! And it's another affordable way to see the nooks and crannies of place and find epic picnic spots. But you could also use this mode of transport as your very own hop-on-hop-off foodie stop tour, boutique shopping tour or get serious and tackle the highest vantage point for the best views and that top of the mountain insta shot. Do you....but so it on a bike. 😉


6. Shop Till You Drop

Whether you're one of those kind folk who like to find unique gifts to bring back for friends, or like me, you just love the access to fashion and design you can't get at home, shopping on holidays can be a thrill all on it's own. Original storefronts, different stock, niche boutiques, one-of-a-kind accessories, hand made wonders - there's something for everyone just about anywhere you're visiting. Plus if you're buying from a local artisan, your supporting them and their community whilst taking a home a piece of the place and the memories you've made there. In cities, seek out shopping tours or plan ahead and visit the stores you don't normally have access to to find what you're looking for. Or if you're one to save up your wardrobe update for the year until one single bargain-hunter style shopping session, you'll love an outlet mall and can usually find everything you need in one location for a fraction of the price it was a season or so ago. Just remember, whatever you buy has to fit in your suitcase, be specially shipped home, or get through customs if you're out of your country of origin. Have fun!


7. Eat Like the Locals

Last, but by no means least, EAT. Try something you can't make at home, dig in to the local delicacies, taste the legendary brews, and indulge just a little! After everything in this list, you've probably worked up one heck of an appetite anyway. Unless you've being lying poolside all day. Actually no....even then.

Happy feasting! Happy holiday.


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Fish and Chips in Paihia, Bay of Islands, New Zealand




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