Time For a Freshen Up of Your Look? Do This!

If you are thinking about trying to improve your appearance, there are always a lot of ways these days that you might go about doing so. The truth is that it can be relatively easy to refresh how you look, and it’s something that you should always be able to do if you really want to without an attack of the guilts. It's called self care, baby - you deserve to feel amazing and ain't no shame in that! But when it comes to knowing how to actually go about it in ways that suit your unique style, lifestyle and budget, that’s another story that needs to be talked about more. Here are some super simple ways to give yourself a fresh look that won't cost a fortune are easily personalized outside of the bounds of what is 'trending'... because beauty is honestly more than a brand and is always more than skin deep!


Prioritize Sleep

It’s amazing how closely related a 'glow up' of good looks are to looking and feeling well-rested, and of course, to feeling motivated to train, prepare healthy meals, and give yourself time for self care and personal development. If you are keen to look your best, getting plenty of rest is always going to be a free and amazing way to achieve that. So if you haven't been getting the sleep you need, sis, make sure that you're changing that as soon as possible! Just going to bed a little earlier instead of watching just one more organizing, renovating, or asmr video (hi), could be all you need to make a big difference. 

"Sleep is the single most effective thing we can do to reset our brain and body health each day"
- Dr Matthew Walker


Swap Out & Shop Out Your Wardrobe

Confidence with what you’re wearing is the obvious go-to when refreshing your personal aesthetic, but it need not be at the expense of that aforementioned beauty sleep and credit limit in a 2am online shopathon. Declutter your wardrobe - donate, sell, and then 'shop' your own wardrobe by doing a try on photoshoot! Yep, try on various combinations of pieces and snap pics of the ones that work well, collating your very own mood board to inspire you to actually wear what you already have and create an capsule collections for occasions you most frequent, from workwear, weekend casual, wedding guest, seasonal additions, or vacay vibes! Finally, swap put tried and true but worn out basics with new, quality replacements, including shoes and bags, for a total closet overhaul that helps you feel all brand new and YOU.   


A Hair Cut is as Good as a Holiday

There is no doubt that your hairstyle makes a huge difference to how you look, some going so far as to say it's 'as good as a holiday,' or 'a woman who changes her hair is about to change her life.' You can either go in salon with a strong idea of what kind of style you are keen on, or alternatively you might wish to search for hairdressers near me and dare to allow them some creative freedom for a do to best suit the new you! At the end of the day, a new hairstyle could be one of the most dramatic but effective ways to transform your look, and one that you know will grow out even if your rebellion doesn't. You don't have to revisit teenage mistakes, but when did we forget that perfection is the antidote to adventure?! #yolo


“Youth is happy because it has the capacity to see beauty. Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old.”
– Franz Kafka


Take Inspiration From Your Friends

There is certainly something to be said for taking some fashion, makeup, and styling inspiration from friends from time to time. In a throwback to nights of dressing up to go out every weekend, why not embrace the best part of the 'getting ready' with your pals as THE night?! Bring a bottle and a bag of tricks - clothing items you wish to learn how to recreate and even some accessories you may wish to swap or donate. With an open mind and adventurous spirit, y'all could learn all sorts of new ways of dressing to boost your confidence or switch up one thing that completely changes your appearance game. Even if for a bit of fun, it's interesting to see how others view your features and 'best assets' that you may otherwise be self critical of, and adopting a new attitude for the evening that may just have a lingering effect on the way you present. 


Whatever way you wish to add or abstract your look, know that your most
authentic expression will always be your most beautiful.

There are no rules when you're true to you.
You are beautiful.






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