What To Do If You Are Unhappy Living In Your Home

Sick of looking at the same four walls? Craving a change of scenery but don't have the budget to runaway to a villa in Europe? There may come a time when you look around your house and realize it could use some attention, and when that day comes, don’t assume that the situation has to remain as it is today. Instead, here's a few adjustments you can do if you're unhappy living in your home.


Paint & Redecorate Inside or Out!

One  of the easiest options to create dramatic chnage quickly in your space is to get out the paint and apply new colours to the walls. This is your chance to brighten up your rooms and make your home appear more modern - or to add some character and perhaps moodiness through use of darker colours. Painting is a job you can tackle and master on your own if you’re feeling motivated to do so. Now is also a good time to redecorate and rearrange. Hang new pictures on the walls and move around your furniture pieces to freshen up your home. You can even consider painting your kitchen cabinets or old furniture that you like and want to keep.


Ready to Demo & Reno?!

If you do have a bit more to spend, another option is to demo and reno to create an updated layout and floor plan. In this case, you will likely want to contact professional demolition services to take down walls - inside or out - so you can start fresh. Prioritize getting professional advice, plus permissions, even if you want to save and DIY, but always double check the structural integrity first before any dangerous demo becomes a much bigger issue. 


It’s also obviously super important that you plan ahead and consider what you want your new dream additions and renovations to look like before you start to rebuild. Consider if you’ll be growing your family and need more bedrooms or bathrooms, or if it's a case of opening up the floor space flow or flow of natural light options of the home. It's a fun task to get the whole family involved in so you can love it rather than list it! Mood boards, Pinterest, and multiple quotes will be your friends.

"The home should be the treasure chest of living."
- Le Corbuiser


Make A List of Positives

Sometimes all it takes is focusing on the positives to turn your situation and thinking around. If you are unhappy in your home currently then sit down and make a list of positives. You may find the pros outweigh the cons and all it will take is completing some creative home projects - think a seasonal wreath, seasonal baking, a garage sale, a good decluttering session, or simply moving some items around to help freshen up the energy. Think about what you do like about living in your home such as the neighborhood or that you have plenty of square footage to move around in. Practice gratitude for what you do have and be willing to make some minor updates so you can fall back in love with your home.



"The magic thing about home is that it feels good to leave, and it feels even better to come back."
- Wendy Wunder


If All Else Fails - Move House!

Of course, if you really want to walk out that door and never come back, moving houses is the last resort. This of course requires more thought, whether renting or selling and buying, because moving anywhere can be costly and stressful. However, it may be your best option if you and your family have outgrown your property, your lifestyle has changed, tastes have changed, or if you're actually wishing to downsize and minimize your living situation. Start doing your homework now to see what’s out there and available in your price range in the location where you hope to live. These articles are your next best read:







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