Effective Ways To Reduce Stress & Anxiety

Stress is a normal part of modern life and although there are some days that can feel worse than others, we all want to avoid stress to build up and snowball over time. Learning to adopt effective ways to reduce stress and anxiety so you can feel your best each day may mean closely monitoring your triggers to know when it's time for a break. Here are some simple proactive steps to bringing about more calm, clarity, balance, and breath into your world.


Exercise More to Centre Restless Energy

One of the most effective actions you can do for yourself if you’re feeling stressed is to exercise more. If you audibly gag when someone casually mentions to 'hit the gym or get outside for a long walk and you’ll feel better in no time,' hear me out! Exercising has been proven time and again to not only help you get into good physical shape but help boost your mood as well. And for someone who also used to cringe at the thought, once I found my groove of the types of movement that suit me, my body, and my cortisal levels - I've become a huge advocate too.

Pilates, long nature walks, weights at the gym, kayaking, and summer swimming work to cool the emotions behind my stress and anxiety. High impact or group sports might be your jam however, so be open to trying new things, go easy on yourself, and you'll soon find the best fit for you, your lifestyle, budget, and most importantly - your mood!

Of course, overdoing it too hard, too soon, too often, or without proper technique can be dangerous. But if you start to feel things working - the more you exercise the more tense and tight your muscles might feel - you're getting stronger. And that in itself can help you feel so grounded and trusting in your body. Of course, don't forget that recovery is important and just as de-stressing too. One way to ease the tension and feel better fast is to look into remedial massage therapy. It’s a great way to relax stubborn knots, aches, and pains and give your body the best chance of release, rest, and maintenance to continue on your exercise journey!



Slow Down & Be Mindful

Rushing around each day from one activity to the next with an epic to-do list in our heads can be exhausting. We know this isn't good for our hearts, brains, or nervous systems, and 'who has time for that?' But how empowering it is to fully understand what it means to live more mindfully. It means taking in each moment as it unfolds and not thinking too much about the past or future.

Pace yourself and focus on what you are doing in each moment, not thinking too far ahead or too far behind. This might seem easier said then done when we do work that is high energy or have children that won't stop - but once you bring your awareness back to the present moment, even when you are moving quickly, you will understand it's simple power! So many quips and quotes tell us that we will enjoy life more this way because the days fly by...and they're right. Practicing mindfulness can truly help us enjoy each new moment without experiencing so much stress and anxiety. 

“By staying calm, you increase your resistance against any kind of storms.”
― Mehmet Murat ildan


Eating a Healthy Diet Has a Bigger Impact Than You Might Think

What you consume for foods and your diet also plays a role in how you feel. If you've ever felt sluggish and heavy after eating a fried, fatty, fast 'meal,' then you'll know we can definitely make more high-vibe feeling food choices for ourselves. Eat food that is vibrant and follow the tried and true lean proteins, fruits, and vegetables balanced diet method we all know about. Try your best to cut back on sugar and caffeine if you want to reduce adding to your stress and anxiety, as the 'crash' afterwards can have you reaching for more and creating an unhealthy cycle.

I'm no nutritionist, but food and drink is a much underrated way to help our bodies best soothe the intensity of stressors in our life. Speak to your health-care providers for your own unique plan, do your research, and cultivate a diet that serves you and your needs best.



Talking About Your Problems Can Lighten Their Weightiness

If you are feeling overwhelmed, keeping everything inside, and letting it build up over time, then you'll know you can't keep that up for too long. Being vulnerable and allowing people into understanding what’s going on in your life can be a deeply scary thing to do. But, sincerely, finding a trusted friend or family member to open up to, or meeting with a therapist who can help you unpack all your emotions more effectively can be life changing. There are many private face to face or virtual talk therapy options, and there are a plethora of healing modalities and therapies that can support your mental and emotional health in coping with stressors of every variety. No issue is too big or too small to be disregarded and all reputable healers and therapists will not pass judgement.

In addition to seeking professional help, it can also be highly beneficial to take your de-stressing self care into your own hands through the introduction of optimistic daily habits. Whether that be to read positive daily affirmations, journal, meditate, make art, stretch, get plenty of sleep, and surround yourself with uplifting, encouraging, and accepting people so you can keep your thoughts optimistic.  

“Breath is the power behind all things…. I breathe in and know that good things will happen.”
―Tao Porchon-Lynch

Remember, too much stress and anxiety isn’t good for anyone - we can absolutely have it all
and do all we want to do without pushing ourselves to burnout and sacrificing
our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health! It IS possible.

Focus on understanding what triggers you and try to engage in some of these healthier behaviors.
The changes you make in this area of your life will undoubtedly have a tremendous ripple effect
into your self-worth, successes, energy levels, relationships, friendships, and future.




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